EdSights for Retention




Who can use EdSights for Retention? 


Postsecondary schools that are our clients can use EdSights for Retention. Please request a demo if you are interested in learning more about how your institution can use EdSights. 

What is the cost of using EdSights? 


We do our best to make EdSights as affordable as possible. However, pricing depends on the size of your school - please contact us if you would like to receive a quote for your institution. 

How do I set up EdSights?


What do students have to do? 


EdSights can be set up in less than an hour. We like to walk our clients through the initial set up to go over how everything works and make sure you are comfortable using our platform. No integration with your internal systems is required, which makes the implementation extremely straight forward. 

Students will receive an email a few weeks into their first semester at school with a link to their EdSights portal and a code to access our survey. This email can be sent by the school or by our team. Our surveys have a very user friendly interface and we use a reward system to increase completion. 

Does EdSights do pilots?


What questions do you ask in your survey? 


Yes, we offer one semester pilots to schools interested in trying out our product. Please contact us if you are interested in piloting EdSights. 

The EdSights survey asks students to answer 20 questions. These questions revolve around the 3 main factors that are proven to predict which students are most at risk of dropping out. The three factors are: financial, academic and social engagement.