Tips to increase student engagement on EdSights


Allow Anonymity

We have found that there is a correlation between anonymity and post volume. Every class is different, which is why we made this feature customizable. However, many students do not feel comfortable sharing what they don’t understand if they risk looking stupid or sharing feedback that might affect how their instructor perceives them.


Share a Welcome Post

When you add a course, make sure to share a welcome post. This is the best way to break the ice.


Make sure all students download it

Make sure the majority of your class downloads EdSights and adds your class. The best way to do this is to take the last couple minutes of class to do so. If only a small percentage of the class uses the app, it will give you a skewed perception of class sentiment and engagement. If you need help setting up the app, here is a short video that goes through the steps to set it up.


Be enthusiastic about it

Encourage your students to post on EdSights and explain that you genuinely care about their thoughts and want to help them make the most out of your class. Students won’t be enthusiastic about the idea if you aren’t.


Share Posts

Check in with your students by sharing posts and asking them to reply by commenting. For example: “How is class going for you so far? What is working for you? What isn’t? Please reply by commenting.” If you aren't sure how to share posts, here is a short video that shows you how to.


Share Polls

Check in with your students using polls. For example: “What did you think of today’s exercise?” “Useful, kind of useful, not useful” If you aren't sure how to share polls, here is a short video that shows you how to.


Give them an incentive to post

At the end of the semester, we will give you a list of the top engagers on EdSights (top 25% of the class). Tell your students that you will give extra participation points to the top engagers. Students are not used to feeling connected with their professors outside of class and while engaging and reflecting about what they are learning is in their best interest, they need to get in the habit of it. We have found that the best way to incentivize them to so is to reward students who post the most.