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EdSights for retention

For Administrators

EdSights uses a real-time surveying software and proprietary algorithm to predict at-risk students as early as their first month of school. Our question is backed by research and proven to effectively predict students who are likely to drop out. Administrators and advisors can view our risk analysis through our administrator dashboard.

  • We show both aggregate and student level data.
  • We give administrators a "risk level" and "reason for risk" for each at-risk student.
  • Our dashboard data is exportable to both PDF and EXCEL files. 
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ClassPulse by EdSights

For Faculty

Through ClassPulse, professors can collect actionable student feedback in real-time. Instructors can collect feedback by submitting customizable surveys or by allowing their students to anonymously share feedback with them throughout the semester.

  • ClassPulse is free for both professors and students to use. 
  • ClassPulse offers pre-built surveys for professors to collect feedback. Examples include: Minute Papers, Muddiest Point papers, and Stop-Start-Continue surveys.
  • Professors can schedule ClassPulse surveys to go out on future dates.
  • An enterprise version of ClassPulse which integrates with different LMS's is available for schools to purchase.