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What we do


We are a data collection and analysis software that helps schools make meaningful, data-driven decisions. We provide deep insights into the student journey that help institutions improve student outcomes inside and outside the classroom. 

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EdSights makes the barrier to providing feedback lower. It is way to get feedback in a timely manner so that it is “actionable”. Their Q&A stream also eliminates the monotonous, time consuming work that is answering multiple student emails about the same questions.
— Patrick Johnson, Associate Teaching Professor of Physics, Georgetown University
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EdSights is relevant and needed in today’s classroom for educators on any level committed to continuous improvement and transparency.
— Rochelle Petway, Director at 
International Accreditation Council for Business Education
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I would definitely recommend using EdSights to other professors on campus because it is easy to use, provides important feedback on a synchronous basis and improves student involvement in the course assessment process.

— Alexander J. Sannella, Director of MBA in Accounting Program, Rutgers Business School

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I really enjoyed the immediate feedback I received from students about my classes. The fact that I get to type in the questions I want to ask is great for tailoring it to exactly what I need. And I love that students can post anonymously our with their names depending on what I want them to do.
— Amy Spears, Assistant Professor of Music,
 Nebraska Wesleyan University
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I like EdSights because it is simple to use both for professors and students. I have used the app for two purposes – as a platform for questions about course content and for feedback about how the course is going. It also allows for a quicker response to a student’s question and/or to feedback about how the class is going.
— Kristen Frenzel, Neuroscience Senior Lecturer, Emory University



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